Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazing Abandoned Bank Vaults

Image by Lori Spindler

Bloc 11 Cafe, in Somerville MA, is in a vacant bank building on Bow Street, including its abandoned vaults in which you can sit and sip your cappuccino. Opened in October 2007 after an extensive renovation of the abandoned site, it has recently been voted as one of the Best U.S. Coffee Bars by Food and Wine Magazine. Enjoy a varied menu of soups, sandwiches and coffees while gazing around at the safety deposit boxes and wondering what secret treasures they once held. LINK

In the apartment I lived in before I moved to where I am now, there was a bank vault. It was really cool using the vault to store your things. If I ever run across the pictures I took I will be sure to post one. Arbyn remembers the vault, we talk about it on occasion. That was back in our dating days. This coming February Arbyn and I have lived together for Two years.

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