Saturday, February 25, 2017

Slideroll of Dali Paintings

Friday, February 24, 2017

New Header

Trying some different headers and am interested in what you think.

This is the beginning of this one, have the final stage to add to this yet.

Please give me some feed back in the comments.

Friday, December 28, 2012

World’s Largest Mud-Brick Building

“The walls of the Great Mosque are made of sun-baked mud bricks called ferey, a mud based mortar, and are coated with a mud plaster which gives the building its smooth, sculpted look. The walls are between 16 in. and 24 in. thick – the thickness varying with the wall’s height. Bundles of palm branches were included in the building to reduce cracking caused by frequent drastic changes in humidity and temperature and to serve as readymade scaffolding for annual repairs. The walls insulate the building from heat during the day and by nightfall have absorbed enough heat to keep the mosque warm through the night. Gutters, made of ceramic pipes, extend from the roofline and direct water drainage from the roof away from the walls. To protect the Great Mosque from water damage, in particular flooding by the Bani river, the entire structure was constructed on a raised platform 3 meters high. A set of six stairs, each decorated with pinnacles, leads to the mosque’s entrance.” w/ photos. LINK

Stop motion animation + Storm Troopers + Lego Gaga = "Bad Romance" in Legos

Gaga's fans are making Lego tributes to their idol, and they are adorable. Photos at this LINK, Video: Youtube

Unbelievable Snow "Crop" Circles

Dude…aliens. Well, not aliens, but an artist named Simon Beck. LINK