Thursday, October 07, 2010

Could an Abba reunion ever top The Day Before You Came?

With a sense of foreboding almost unparalleled in pop, the Swedish quartet's last song is a forgotten masterpiece. LINK

Pop the question ... with Abba's Agnetha and Frida in talks, could one of music's most longed-for reunions be on the cards? Photograph: UPPA Ltd

So the mighty female component of Abba are reportedly discussing working together again for the first time since 1983. "It would be great to do something with Agnetha," says Frida, now 65. "If we did, it would be hard to avoid all the pressure because of Abba. It could never be low-key." But while a recording might be fun (if, as Frida says, somewhat highly strung), how on earth could a pair of sixtysomethings top the enduring appeal of the band's underrated last track – six-minute epic The Day Before You Came? LINK: Youtube

But recording circumstances aside, what's so special about The Day Before You Came? Surely it can't compete with the transcendence of The Winner Takes It All? LINK: Youtube

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