Monday, November 29, 2010


This is a picture of my Dad and Mom. My Dad passed away on this date 42 years ago, he was 52 years old. I still miss him as if it was yesterday. My Mom passed away January 18th 2000, 11 years this coming January, she was 68 years old. Which also feels like yesterday. To everyone, Love and spend time with your parents it sure is empty without them.

Bryan helped me get these following pictures with google earth of the farm where I grew up and the cemetery where my grandparents are buried.

This photo brings back many memories of my childhood. My brothers and I used to race from the yard to county rd 6 to see who could get the left over snacks in our Dads lunch bucket. My Dad worked many years for Larsons Gravel Company and also farmed our land.

This is the top view of our farm one quarter mile off of county rd 6. The farm place to the lower right is the old Ignace & Mildred Zinda farm. Mildred was my God Mother. Presently the farm yard area is owned my Marlo and Lori Remund.

This photo is the top view of the cemetery where my grand parents (My Dads mom and dad are buried). It is located about one half mile off County rd 6 on County rd 9.

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