Saturday, November 20, 2010

Circular Bookcase/Chair

Thomas Mills made this piece of furniture which he calls “Long Form Library.” It’s a combination bookcase and reading chair:

As you sit within the cradle, it rocks gently back and forth. Don’t get going too fast or you’ll roll all the way away. This library can hold its own weight in books (and I’d wager even more, by the looks of it), the cushioned seat a nod to the futuristic furniture found in Stanley Kubrick films, especially 2001. Reading lamps are placed for reading in the most obvious manner, while lights placed around the circumference act as a clock, timers changing the brightness of them to its highest at the equinox of the day, dimmed to nothing at midnight. Strange!

Link, Via: Born Rich | Designer’s Website | Photo by the designer |Via: Neatorama

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