Saturday, February 04, 2012

Salvador Dali - his home in Portlligat

To be known for his surrealistic paintings and art. His house, which he partly constructed and planned himself, is a most practical and surprisingly well organized villa, placed in a small hill ending at the shore of the Mediterranian Sea. Beatifully situated in a most attractive marine landscape. Carefully planned rooms and a most inviting garden, overlooking the sea, with a grand swimmingpool. In- and outside with loads of pieces of his art, surralistic as naturalistic. A place well worth to visit - only app. 1 hr. from Figueres. Remember to book in advance as only 8 people is admitted pr. slot. Along Costa Brava, Spain not far from the French Border and his museum in Figueres you will find Salvador Dali's home at the seashore of Portlligat outside the small Spanish/Catalan town CadaquƩs. LINK: Arbyn's Cloud Mind, Via: Youtube

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